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Nokia's E75 outed in detail

by on10 February 2009


Expansys let the cat out

It seems like the long awaited Nokia E75 QWERTY slider is just around the corner and it's expected to launch during the Mobile World Congress later this month, although Expansys has already put it up for pre-order on its website with an estimated arrival date of the 13th of March.

The E75 isn't quite as loaded with features as expected, as for starters it only supports 3.6Mbit HSDPA which is not exactly cutting edge by today's standards. As this is primarily a business handset, the 320x240 resolution display is somewhat disappointing, although we can't complain too much about the 3.2Megapixel camera considering the target market. However, things improve from here as Nokia has managed to add both WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 and aGPS support.

Other features include a built in FM radio, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microUSB connector (that's smaller than the normal mini USB), a microSDHC card slot and a forward facing camera for video calls. Software feature include Nokia maps, dual home screens (as per the E71) and office document viewers.

The E75 offers quad band GSM and dual band WCDMA (900/2100MHz), so it should work in most of the world which makes it a decent handset for those that travel a lot. However, it seems like Nokia has decided to go with a mere 1,000mAh batter, compared to a 1,500mAh battery for the E71 which will most likely mean fairly poor battery life for the E75.

Expansys is offering the E75 for pre-order for the fairly steep price of £389.99 (€450/$579) compared to its contract free price for the E71 (£285/€329/$423), it seems like the E75 is quite over priced, but hopefully it'll come down in price over time. Those that get subsidies handsets from their network providers should be able to pick up the E75 for free depending on their tariff.

You can pre-order the E75 here
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