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Sprint to delay the Treo Pro

by on10 February 2009


No February 15th launch after all

Given the announcement of the Palm Pre, we were still surprised that Sprint was on schedule to go ahead and launch the Treo Pro on February 15th as was widely announced. However, it would seem that our sources are now telling us that the launch has been postponed for reasons unknown.

Many are starting to think that Sprint may be thinking more about the excellent reception of the Palm Pre and wonder if it really needs to be offering both the Treo Pro and the Palm Pre. For the time being, the launch has been marked as “to be determined,” but at least for the moment there is no word of an actual cancellation of the launch of the Treo Pro.

We can’t help but think that Palm might want to be focusing its resources on the Palm Pre and it may, in fact, be asking Sprint to hold back on the Treo Pro launch in an effort to devote more resources (both engineering and manufacturing) to get the Palm Pre out the door.

It is widely believed that the excellent reception of the Palm Pre has exceeded even Palm’s expectations; and offering the Treo Pro could take sales away from the Palm Pre. While we can’t yet confirm this, it does seem possible that this is the case. After all, why bring out the Treo Pro as a stop gap when you know all it is doing is cannibalizing potential sales for the Palm Pre?
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