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Gemini dreams for next Blackberry

by on10 February 2009


9300 3G Curve on agenda to replace 8900

The first whispers from our sources have started to tumble in about the next BlackBerry, which is known as code name Gemini. While the timetable for this one is still a bit hazy at the moment, we feel pretty confident in saying that it is slated for a late 2009 or early 2010 release.

The Gemini or Curve 9300, as it starting to be called, will be the first 3G version of the Curve and it will be turning the power and features up to address an ever changing market space. Once released, it will be targeted at replacing the Curve 83xx and 8900 series models.

As for the feature set, beyond offering 3G support, the Gemini will offer a more powerful processor, a larger higher resolution screen, and will take some styling cues from both the Curve 8900 as well as the BlackBerry Bold.

Our sources insist that the 9300 is in the pipeline and the actual feature set will be similar to what is being offered in the 8900, but it will push the design and abilities up a notch or two. While many BlackBerry owners may already be chomping at the bit for this one, we think it is far more likely that it will emerge in the first quarter of 2010, rather than at the end of 2009. as some have suggested.
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