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LG's Arena Smartphone gets official

by on09 February 2009


A lot of details still missing

LG has unveiled its latest Smartphone, the Arena, or KM900 as it's also known as and its set to be LG's flagship handset for 2009. Although we'll have to wait until the Mobile World Congress kicks off for the full spec, the press release does at least reveal some of the handsets features.

The Arena will have a new 3D GUI which is LG refers to as the 3D S-Class UI and the company claims that it "was specifically designed to be a more fun and engaging gateway to an amazing multimedia environment". However, we'll hold our judgement until we see it action, but we're not sure if the cube based layout is as easy to use as LG is suggesting.

However, we can only agree with the fact that the "S-Class UI will be unlike anything that has appeared on a mobile phone before", be it good or bad. However, the Arena is not just about its UI, as it also has a range of appealing software and hardware features such as Dobly audio, DivX playback, 7.2Mbit HSDPA, WiFi and aGPS. Sadly, not much else has been revealed so far, so we'll just have to wait a bit longer for the full details.

You can find the press release here
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