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Special gloves for iPhone users in the chill

by on02 February 2009


Apple tries to patent gloves


Thanks to global warming, Saharan summers have become a common thing, but winters aren't getting any hotter, in fact, some boffins claim they're getting cooler. However, you live in the US there's no reason for concern, as there is no such thing as global warming, at least according to US authorities.

However,  if you've got an iPhone, you do want to get comfy. Basically, you can't use touchscreens with most gloves, and a company called 4sight Products though of a cunning plan to make some cash on your frostbitten fingers. It is now offering a pair of gloves with an electrically conductive gold-colored material on the tips of the index finger and thumb. The gloves ship under the Tavo brand, and they cost a saucy $40 a pop, so they're overpriced like most things Apple.

Unfortunately, Apple has also filed a patent for a similar product, so don't be surprised if it releases its legal hounds on the glove making company and forces you to pay even more for its own smug pair of gloves.

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