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Nokia ships milionth 5800 XpressMusic handset

by on23 January 2009


And it hasn't even launched in a bunch of markets

Nokia is
bragging about selling a million 5800 XpressMusic handsets, and for once, we have to agree with its PR spinners, this is a truly impressive achievement.

The phone was launched back in October 2008, but it wasn't widely available till the end of the year. Mind you, it's still not available in a number of major markets, and Nokia has just launched in recession stricken Blighty.

It appears Nokia pulled it off, and managed to make an iPhone killer which managed to steal a chunk of the iPhone's pie, and it was about time someone did. The iPhone is an excellent device, but Nokia's phone making prowess finally paid off. The 5800 got very positive reviews webwide, mainly thanks to its excellent screen, text imput capabilities, buletproof OS and a reasonable price.

At a price tag of around €320 without a plan, you can almost get two of them for the price of a single 8GB iPhone which sells for around €580. We wonder if its success might force Apple to rethink its iPhone pricing, or perhaps Cupertino is still hungover from celebrating its record breaking quarter.

You can find the Nokia release here.
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