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Teen sends 14,528 text messages in a single month

by on16 January 2009


"It was winter break and I was bored"

Reina Hardesty,
a 13-year old Californian with fingertips of steel, has managed to send 14,528 messages in a single month.

Her dad got a 440 page AT&T statement as a result, and just didn't believe his eyes. "I immediately whipped out the calculator to see if it was humanly possible," said Greg Hardesty.

Here's what the calculator says: it works out to 484 messages a day, roughly one each two minutes of each hour his daughter was awake. She was even texting people at her karaoke birthday party, sending messages to her best friend sitting next to her, and when the bill arrived, she texted her friends to brag about it.

Fortunately for Reina, or should we say, her dad, she had an unlimited texting plan for $30 a month. Her father, who really seems to fancy his calculator, worked out it would have cost him $2,905.60 at a rate of 20 cents per text.

Reina told her folks "it was winter break and I was bored."

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