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HTC's 2009 roadmap leaks

by on13 January 2009


25 new devices coming

As far as roadmap leaks goes, this has to be one of the most substantial ever, as HTC's entire 2009 product line seems to have made it online and it looks like we're in for a few surprises. No exact launch dates or hardware specifications have leaked, but it's still an interesting leak, as all of the devices are pictured.

First up is the Iolite, which has already been leaked thanks to Expansys and you can find a lot more details on it here, but to keep things brief, the Iolite has a 2.8in screen, a 528MHz processor, 512MB ROM, 288MB RAM, a 3.2Megapixel camera, WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, aGPS with dedicated buttons, microSD card slot, HSDPA/HSUPA with speeds up to 7.2Mbit and quad band GSM with EDGE. It should be the first of the devices on the roadmap that becomes available.

Next up we have the Twin which seems to be identical to the Iolite except for the fact that it supports the US CDMA standard as well as GSM. Then there's the Maple which features a built in front facing keyboard and we'd dare to guess that this is a Windows Mobile Standard device.

Next we have the Topaz which seems to be a follow-up to the Diamond with a very similar design. There seems to be a version called the Topaz C as well and a special version for T-Mobile called the Citrine, both feature slightly different design to the Topaz.

Next follows a range of devices with slide-out keyboard and here we have the Rhodium, Barium, Tungsten (wasn't this a Palm device?), Tungsten W and Rhodium W. The W versions are specific to the US market, with the Tungsten meant to be exclusive for T-mobile and the Barium again being a US exclusive for AT&T. All these devices seem to share similar features and design.

Next up we have the Willow W and the Cedar W, again two similar devices with a front facing keyboard, both most likely Windows Mobile Standard devices.

The Beryl is mean to be a follow-up to the Touch 3G and has a similar design. Then we have the Firestone which looks similar to the WiMAX device that HTC launched in Russia, although with a lot of white details.

The Whitestone W is meant to come with a DVB-H tuner built in and as such comes with a small stand to make it easier to watch TV on it without the need to hold it in your hand. The Ihoth is an upgrade to the X7510 and looks to have been given a slight design overhaul.

By now we've already hit a replacement for the first product in the roadmap, the Magnet which has a very unusual design when it comes to the buttons on the front of the handset and it's meant to replace the Iolite.

The next device is called Sapphire and it seems to be coming in a few different versions with at least one exclusive design for Vodafone and another for T-Mobile. This device looks like a rounded G1 and seems to have trackball like the G1, but it doesn't appear to have a keyboard.

The Jasper C is yet another device with keyboard and has a Touch HD like design, but with a slide-out keyboard. Then there's the Memphis which is another device with a sliding keyboard, although this looks like a fairly compact device from the pictures.

Finally we have the Hero which is said to be another Android device, although we hope HTC decides to change the colour from hot pink to something more subtle. It has the same funny angled design as the G1, but it doesn't appear to have a keyboard or a trackball.

You can find all of the device pictures here
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