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iPhone 3G unlock only sort of works

by on02 January 2009


Don't you eat that yellowsn0w

While gadget blogs are rejoicing at the news that software called Yellowsn0w could unlock the iPhone 3G it seems that some of those who spent their holidays trying to use it were disappointed.

It should be pointed out that Yellowsn0w from the Dev-Team Blog is in beta so there is no guarantee of success. Some people have got the software to go,  but many are saying that they can't get their mobile phone network to recognise the iPhone as valid.  Apparently, like most tech journalists who have not drunk from Apple's kool aid, the networks see the gizmo as a toy.

According to Gizmodo the numbers of people who have got it work were outclassed by people who couldnt get it to go by two to one. Others have reported that they got it to go, but it was a bit tricky.  No reports from EU owners of the iPhone getting Yellowsn0w to go.
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