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Asus launches new HD DVD drive

by on01 November 2007


The quietest one yet


Asus has launched a new HD DVD drive for PCs, the HR-0205T, and the company claims that this is the quietest HD DVD drive available on the market.

The HR-0205T only reads single, dual-layer HD DVD and single HD DVD-R media at a reading speed of 2.4x. Of course, it can also read any type of DVD media at 5x and any CD media at 15x. The main advantage of this drive is its low noise factor, which makes it a perfect candidate for living-room HTPCs. Asus claims that it produces 21.1dB of noise while playing HD DVDs, or 23.7dB when trying to spin a DVD-9 film quality disc.

This drive connects to PATA port, but can also be connected to SATA port with PATA to SATA adapter, which is bundled inside the box. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically, which is yet another convenient thing for use in HTPCs.


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