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iPod Touch faster than latest iPhone

by on24 November 2008


Processor speed makes a difference in some apps

It seems that although Apple was not hiding the fact that they boosted the processor speed in the second generation iPod Touch to 532MHz, we must have not been paying that much attention.

The first generation of the iPod Touch, as well as the iPhone, are clocked at 412MHz and it comes as no surprise that some of the latest applications and especially some of the latest games that are starting to push the iPod Touch to the limit run much better on the second generation iPod Touch with the faster processor and the difference is noticeable.

Software developers are having to build in routines into the software to compensate for the difference in processor speed to get things running pretty close to the same no matter which device you are using to run their software on.

We suspect that the update in processor is just an evolution in the development of the product, but the slower processor could be more of a battery life factor on the iPhone. Still, if you want the best performance in gaming, right now the second generation iPod Touch give you the best performance and experience. We would not suggest that you even consider a used first generation iPod Touch if you want to play any of the newer state-of-the-art games on it.
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