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Mobile phone carriers turn to Google

by on01 November 2007


Seeking Google applications for phones

Google, Inc. is talking with U.S. wireless carriers to make inroads into the mobile industry, as this is an industry that Google believes is key to its future growth.

Rumors have long been circulating that Google would launch new software and services for mobile phones. Sprint Nextel Corporation and Verizon Wireless have both reportedly had such discussions with Google. Sprint has already indicated that it will offer Google Web search and services to its customers over its new WiMax wireless technology network.

Google, which generates advertising revenue by delivering ads along with its search functions, e-mail and other Web-based features, has indicated that mobile Web surfing will become as important to its businesses as desktop Web surfing is now at the point when consumers move beyond desktop computers.  U.S. wireless operators have been investing billions of dollars for services expansions that will include mobile Web surfing and media entertainment, looking to increase revenue and number of customers by offering availability and new options for mobile phones beyond just phone conversations.

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Last modified on 01 November 2007
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