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Sony Ericsson announces the W705

by on11 November 2008


New slide music phone


Sony Ericsson recently announced a new addition to their Walkman series. The phone comes under the name W705, and it packs same media features like the W980.

The W705 is a slide-phone and comes with a 3.2mp camera, metal casing, WiFi and HSPA 3G support and the accelerometer, that lets the screen rotate to fit the phone’s position. Its dimensions are 95.0 x 48.0 x 14.3 mm and it weighs in at 98 grams.

Sony Ericsson also announced the MBS-900, a 2.1 Bluetooth audio system with a unique design and a built-in FM radio receiver.

Both devices are scheduled for Q1 ’09.

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Last modified on 12 November 2008
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