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iPhone production to wind down

by on05 November 2008


Next evolution already in development

The highest point of the iPhone popularity has been achieved, according to some sources who are suggesting that Apple is already moving to cut production of the iPhone. With an estimated drop in production of the iPhone by 40 percent, many believe that Apple is already bracing for tough times to try to move additional handsets.

The problem is the current financial crisis, which is believed to be contributing to the decision by Apple to curb production and move on to the next evolution of the iPhone which is believed to already be in development.

The other problem for Apple is that the competition is going to be a lot harder in the next couple of months with cell phone manufacturers introducing new and improved devices which are built on concepts and ideas that Apple pioneered in the iPhone that have been taken to the next level by these manufacturers. It is believed that both new models from RIM and Nokia could challenge the adoption rates of the iPhone.

Some analysts are already pointing out that cell phones have a shorter life expectancy than many other electronic gadgets, as people seem to get bored with them quickly and always want to move on to the next great cell phone evolution. Time may simply be passing Apple by.

Last modified on 05 November 2008
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