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Nokia launches the E63

by on12 November 2008


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Nokia has finally launched the much rumored E63 Smartphone, or messaging device, as the company likes to call it. Pictures of the E63 have been leaking for months now to various mobile phones sites on the net, but the final products look better than what we expected from the blurry shots we'd seen.

We're not sure about Nokia's choice of color, as you can only get the E63 in red or blue, which might not appeal to a lot of people. You can clearly see that it has borrowed heavily in terms of design from the E71, although it's not quite as stylish.

Feature-wise, the E63 is slightly weaker than the E71, as it doesn't offer HSDPA and as such you're limited to a maximum download speed of 384kb/s on a 3G network, but with the inclusion of 802.11b/g WiFi support, this might not be a huge issue for most.

Apart from the slower data connectivity, it doesn't seem like Nokia has cut many of the features in comparison to the E71, although the camera has also been downgraded to a 2Megapixel unit and the bundle isn't as good, but again, these aren't huge concerns.

The E63 is also 2mm wider and 3mm thicker than the E71, but it somehow manages to be 1g lighter, most likely due to the plastic instead of metal casing. Some will also be happy to find a 3.5mm jack in the E63 over a 2.5mm jack on the E71 for the headset, which means a pair of normal headphones can be used.

With a recommended retail price of €199 plus VAT without any network subsidies, this looks like it could well be a big hit for Nokia, depending on how many would be willing to go for this cheaper sibling to the E71. Of course, it's possible that it will end up on some pre-pay tariffs and it should be able to do really well in that market space.

You can find the product page here

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