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BlackBerry App Center right direction

by on24 October 2008


More content next evolution for BlackBerry OS

The recent announcements about the RIM App Center and App Store mark a new direction for the BlackBerry platform. We have seen that RIM is trying to fuel the growth of applications on the BlackBerry platform and we think this is an area where they need to be going to get more competitive with the iPhone, for example.

Trying to bring an iTunes-like experience for the BlackBerry OS platform is really what helps RIM vault the use of the device into the personal sector. While growth for BlackBerry continues in the enterprise and corporate spaces, trying to reach end-users who have exposure to the BlackBerry platform might be the next step in helping RIM to grow its market share.

We believe if the ranges of type of applications that are being developed for the BlackBerry OS platform continue to grow with the support of RIM, this could be the right path to grow the platform into new end user markets. It is believed that RIM needs to get new applications and adopt a new cool approach to gain market share outside of the enterprise and corporate arena.

With new devices like the Pearl Flip and the Storm, BlackBerry is moving to new areas where their products will have more appeal than the traditional BlackBerry products; and new and interesting applications could be just the ticket to help RIM gain additional market share and a good App Center to deliver them is pivotal.

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