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Nintendo's precursor dead

by on01 November 2007


Famicom/NES will not be repaired

vintage family computer that two decades ago started Nintendo on its path to fame and fortune is finally going to be buried.

Famicom, which first played "Super Mario Brothers" and "Dragon Quest" is being abandoned because its stock of spare parts are running out. Although Nintendo has not made a Famicom for ages, it has finally decided that it will stop repairing them.

The machine first appeared in 1983 in Japan and was sold in the United States and Europe. In the U.S. it was known as the Nintendo Entertainment System. At the time it was launched it had superior graphics to any other home video game console on the market. More than 62 million units were sold worldwide. Its successor, the Super Famicom, is also being scrapped.
Last modified on 01 November 2007
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