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Europeans forget landlines

by on26 September 2008


Mobile phone is all you need

The European Commission
has noticed that a growing number of Europeans don't bother to buy landline telephone service in their homes.

Mobiles, which first outnumbered human beings in Europe in 2006, are around at a ratio of nearly 112 phones for every 100 people. The EC said that one reason is that monthly line rental for fixed phones costs more on average than a prepaid mobile phone package.

A quarter of European Union households have a mobile phone only, which is much higher than the United States. Eastern European households are more likely to shun fixed lines for mobiles, the European Commission said.  This is because fix line telecommunications infrastructure is less developed in the region with places like Bulgaria forced to wait in long times to get a phone number.

More than 39 percent of households in Eastern Europe have a mobile phone only, compared to one-fifth of homes in western Europe. Finland has the most mobile phone enthusiasts, with 61 percent of households sticking to cell phones alone, the EU report said.
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