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3G coming to Nokia Internet Tablet devices

by on24 September 2008


From Maemo 5 directly to 3G mobile networks


On a recent Open Source In Mobile (OSIM) event in Berlin, Nokia's Open-Source chief, Dr. Ari Jaakasi announced that the next version of Maemo platform, Maemo 5, will support HSPA or “Super 3G”. Nokia uses this platform on its N800 series of iIternet tablet devices and N810 is the last device based on it.

So far, these voice communication devices only used VoIP and WiFi, but now they’ll be able to directly access 3G mobile networks.

The device using Maemo 5 platform is still not officially announced, but Nokia's spokesperson says that in open source model it’s the software that comes first, and hardware can follow.

Maemo 5 will also support Photo sharing, so high-res cameras will from now on play a more important role on Internet tablet devices.

Last modified on 25 September 2008
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