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Verizon officially announces BlackBerry 9530 Storm

by on16 September 2008


A thunder that is sure to cause an iPhone stir

The day
that many Verizon users have been waiting for is finally at hand. Verizon announced the launch of the new RIM BlackBerry 9530 Storm, which is RIM’s first touch screen phone and Verizon’s first shot at taking on the iPhone.

If you have been reading Fudzilla, you know that the BlackBerry 9530 Storm has been coming for a couple of months under the codename “Thunder.” Today, however, the 9530 Storm as it is now known, has broken cover and will be slated to be available on November 1st.

The Storm will feature the highest resolution screen ever deployed in a BlackBerry device to date and of course, it is a touch screen. You will be able to capture images with the 3.2 megapixel camera and enjoy the new Visual Voicemail.

While Verizon has not yet set the pricing, it is obvious that they are going full speed to position the Storm against the iPhone. It's hard to predict how well the Storm will do, so we'll just have to wait and see. It should be popular with BlackBerry users who happen to be with Verizon, but it might face a difficult time gaining ground against the iPhone which is already in its second generation.

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