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More Google G1 phone details emerge

by on26 August 2008


Design drawings appear

It's amazing how there are fan sites for unreleased hardware these days and AndroidGuys are big time fans of Google's upcoming Android Smartphone OS. The site has scored what appears to be design drawing of the Google G1 phone which is meant to go on sale on the T-Mobile network in the U.S., possibly as early as next month.

There are a few things that you can see from these drawings that weren't all that clear on the blurry pictures and video's that was meant to have been of the G1. One of the more peculiar things is the angled bottom part of the handset, where the trackball resides. It looks somewhat like what Motorola has done with a couple of its slide phones, although in this case it doesn't appear as if the handset was ever meant to be flat ,as there's no hinging mechanism.

The slide open keyboard looks pretty decent with a lot of space between the keys, although we're not overly keen on some of the layout, but it's hard to tell how the real deal would work from a drawing. The overall design doesn't look amazing, but this is a first generation device, so we'll cut it some slack.

Now we're just hoping that there will be a version for the rest of the world of this device as well, as so far it's been all to quiet about anything related to a Google device outside of the US of A.

You can find the drawing here and some more details here 
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