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Deutsche Telecom sells record number of 3G iPhones

by on25 August 2008


Despite distribution issues


T-Mobile, Deutsche Telecom's wireless business unit, has reported that it has sold more than 120,000 new 3G iPhones since the July 11th launch. This number is impressive, considering the delivery problems that T-Mobile has had.

According to Hamid Akhavan, its CEO, in an interview with Focus magazine, T-Mobile faced a delivery logjam, which caused its customers to have to wait weeks to be able to receive the new 3G iPhone. He said that T-Mobile’s distribution chain had a huge backlog of orders due to the launch of the iPhone in 22 countries at the same time. This distribution snag has now been resolved and all 3G iPhones should be delivered to consumers by the end of August.

"Our [sales] expectations were surpassed," Akhavan said in an interview to be published on Monday, adding that the carrier had sold 75,000 iPhones in Germany alone.

Apple’s new iPhone has significantly faster, third-generation (3G) web connections when compared with the original iPhone that was launched in mid-2007. While the iPhone has been hugely popular, consumers worldwide have complained about dropped calls and inconsistent Internet speeds, with the phone often reverting to a slower technology known as EDGE, even in 3G areas.

Apple issued a software update last week to help address connection problems that led to a flurry of online complaints from customers.

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