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Leopard past 2 million in sales already

by on31 October 2007


Hackers already running Leopard on regular PCs

Word has
reached us that Apple has announced that Mac OS X Leopard has already sold an incredible two million copies since its Friday release. Apple owners must be excited about all of the new "must have" features, including a new network browser, automatic back, and a network file viewer.

While some users have complained that they have had some issues installing Leopard, this has not seemed to have hurt sales in the least. In addition, Apple can’t be happy that hackers have already figured out how to get Leopard up and running on regular PCs.

It seems that all it takes are three easy steps and you, too, can be running Leopard on your PC if you have the right hardware configuration. Users that don’t have experience working with something that has been hacked together like this might want to wait until more extensive and polished information comes to light.

Find out how to get Leopard running on your PC here.

Last modified on 31 October 2007
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