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Google Android OS running late

by on25 June 2008


HTC Dream might be the first Gphone


Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google’s new mobile phone platform, Android OS, will be arriving later than initially planned.

Although Google expected the first Android-based handsets to arrive in 2H of this year, that’s not going to happen. Google now claims that might happen in Q4 this year, if everything goes as planned.

The reason for this delay is due to constant fixes and improvements of software tools, so programmers that took on the task of Android software development are having a tough time adapting to a constantly modified OS.

Numerous unnamed sources, constantly cited by WSJ, claim that Q4 will see the first Android-based devices on U.S. T-Mobile networks. Unlike T-Mobile, Sprint has given up on efforts to launch the first Android-based handset before the year’s end. The reason is most likely the fact that T-Mobile is publicly bragging about resources and the attention they have received from Google.

Engadget reports that the first Android-based handset to hit the market might be HTC Dream, whereas the rest are likely to follow in 2009.

Last modified on 25 June 2008
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