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New Curves coming to Sprint & AT&T

by on23 June 2008


Revised BlackBerry lineup changes

It likely comes as no surprise that the red version of the BlackBerry 8330 will be coming to Sprint starting on July 9th and should be in the entire Sprint channel by July 13th. The red version of the 8330 was originally scheduled to be released on May 7th, but as many Sprint customers now know it was delayed for reasons only Sprint and RIM seem to know.

Those that have recently purchased a BlackBerry Curve 8310, like me, are going to be quite unhappy to learn that AT&T has planned a Curve refresh. AT&T will launch the Curve 8320 sometime in early to mid-July. The 8320 Curve features the WiFi option that is not present in the Curve 8310 that AT&T has been selling. Rumors suggest that AT&T will continue to work through the current new 8310 inventory that they have and then switch over to the 8320. Refurbished 8310s should still be available for some time, but it is doubtful that AT&T will order any addition new 8310s.

Sources are indicating to us that AT&T is getting the 8320s for the same price or less than they were paying for the 8310. RIM, of course, wants to start winding SKUs down in preparation for the new Javlin that we are now confirming will be the replacement for the Curve, according to our insiders. AT&T, of course, is mindful of this and does not want to get stuck with a load of 8310s and 8320s that they can’t sell when the Javlin is rolled out.

The thinking is that BlackBerry users that are close to the end of their contracts that want to stay with a BlackBerry device will be attracted to the 8320 because it adds the WiFi or the new BackBerry Bold. Speaking of the BlackBerry Bold, rumors continue that RIM is still tweaking the OS on the Bold for AT&T and the Bold has just entered AT&T technical acceptance testing. If it is true that the Bold just entered AT&T’s technical acceptance testing, it is possible that the widespread introduction of the Bold into the AT&T wireless channel could be delayed.

While AT&T continues to advertise the Bold on their Web site, a definite launch date has yet to be released. While it is likely that AT&T would like to have the Bold around or near the 2nd gen iPhone launch, it is becoming less likely that this will happen. According to what we are hearing the Bold may not start being available from AT&T until at least late August or early September, according to the latest info we have.

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