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Dior launching $5k phone

by on21 May 2008


How far can vanity go?

Well, it was about time fashion-buffs and various rich-and-bored-to-death personas started exploiting technology to fuel their bottomless black ego-holes by buying “pretty” devices that are unique for one reason – others can’t spare $5k for such a device.

This time around, it’s Dior’s mobile phone that costs no less than $5,000, a number that can buy you a semi-decent car. Normally, I’d be disgusted, but giving it some thought maybe this should become an everyday occurrence; I mean, at least it would give an additional inlet of money that could be used to devise some new, and actually useful, technologies.

Specifications haven't been disclosed as of yet, but you can view the phones here.

Last modified on 22 May 2008
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