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Shuttle to change its form factor

by on31 October 2007

In 2008

Shuttle is working on a new form factor for its XPC systems, due to the fact that the hardware requirements have changed in more ways than one and Shuttle is determined to offer a high-end model of its XPC.

The models coming out in 2008 should feature what is known as the P3 chassis, and this will be vastly different from today's models. It will be wider, taller and deeper.

Some of you might think this is bad news, but we're talking about 1.5cm on the width, 1-2cm on the height and  the same for the depth, so it's not a major overhaul.

There is more than one reason why this is being done: Shuttle wants to try to make a uniform plaform for its XPC's and there is also the problem of fitting two graphics cards into an XPC.

The new wider chassis will be able to accomodate two 8800 GTS or 2900 XT type graphics cards, but if you're using single slot cards you might be interested to know that the new systems will feature three slots instead of two.

We're not sure how the innermost of the two cards will attach to the case, but we're sure Shuttle will think of something. Shuttle also wants to move back to its I.C.E. cooling solution on high-end models and this is yet another reason for the redesign.

We're not sure where the PSU will go, but the company is looking at some new innovative ways of fitting the hard drives in the XPC's to make it easier to build them, as with the latest generation of high-end chassis this is a bit challenging.

We're still some time away from these new models, but hopefully we'll see some new innovative systems coming next year from Shuttle.
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