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Dell considering re-entering the handheld market

by on19 March 2008


This time with some cellular action

According to a story on Digitimes, Dell is getting ready to re-enter the handheld device market and the rumor is that they've hired Foxconn to make the devices for them. There has also been some speculation in the past about Dell doing a handheld gaming device, and when you consider that Intel is interested in sticking its Atom processor into mobile gaming devices, this might not be as far from the truth as one could imagine.

Another reason for Dell's re-entry into the market could partially be because of Acer's purchase of E-TEN, which must have the giant somewhat worried, even though Acer never had a super strong brand name in the handheld device market.

Digitimes also claims that Dell is condsidering making GPS PDAs, although we're not sure that these would sell that well, as only HP has a few non-cellular PDAs these days and they don't seem to be that popular. However, if Dell would decide to start competing on the in-car GPS market, the company would most likely steal some market share, due to the easy of access to its products by consumers worldwide.

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