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Samsung U550 available from Verizon?s offer

by on21 February 2008


A phone that reads your SMS


Verizon Wireless has recently announced a new Samsung model to be included in their offer. This is a mid-range clamshell named SCH-U550. Besides its stylish design, U550 comes with a 1,3 megapixel camera with digital zoom and NightShot option that improves camera efficiency during use in low-light environments.

Its dimensions are 95.8 x 49 x 16.3mm and, coupled with a standard 800 mAh battery, it weighs 95 grams. 1420 mAh is also available through Verizon. Samsung claims that a standard 800 mAh will be enough for 3,5 hours of speech or 8 days in standby mode.


This model packs two displays – the main 2.1-inch one with resolution of 176x220 and 26,2000 colors, and a secondary outer STN display with 96x96 resolution and 65,000 colors.

Audio capabilities of this phone are nice, especially knowing that its primary use is not media. It has a media player with audio as well as video support. It also packs Bluetooth and microSD slot.

Another interesting thing about this phone is its text-to-speech capabilities. This means that your phone can read your menus aloud, and can even read your SMS messages.

The phone is available now, and you can either get it online or visit any 2,400 Verizon stores in America. It will set you back US$69 ($50 after mail-in rebate) if you opt for a two-year contract with Verizon.

Last modified on 23 February 2008
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