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Nokia Webpads to get 30,000 Palm apps

by on15 November 2007


the emulator all things are possible

Nokia is looking to add some applications for its 770, N800, and N810 Internet tablets and they are going to get some help in the form of almost 30,000 Palm applications that will run on the newly developed Garnet VM Palm emulator. Garnet was the code name for the latest version of the older Palm OS.

The Garnet VM emulator is currently in beta and you can download it for free from Access with registration. While reports have the emulator achieving an 80% compatibility rating, it seems that an early reported issue is that sound isn’t supported on the 770.

According to the developers, the Garnet VM will ship by the end of the year and is expected to be free, as well. This is a good idea for the Nokia Webpad platform and does provide a variety of applications to run on these devices. The question is whether or not these applications will translate into applications that owners of these devices really want.

You can have a look at the Garnet VM emulator by clicking here.

Last modified on 15 November 2007
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