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iPhone actually costs $2038.76

by on03 July 2007


This is a minimum you pay in two years

We checked a few websites, including AT&T, to learn how much the iPhone actually costs. We did some simple math and learned that over two years you need to spend at least $2038.76 to get the top notch 8 GB iPhone.

The minimum AT&T contract costs $59.99 a month and it includes unlimited internet over edge and 450 minutes of talk time plus 200 SMS messages. This is way more than people are willing to pay for their phone bills in most of Europe.

When you multiply this sum with 24 months that is the minimum contract you will end up at $1439.76 for the plan, in case you don't make any additional costs and + $599 that you have to pay for the device itself.

You even need to pay a one time fee for activation of the phone. I can admit that I would definitely like to play with one of these but not at that price as this money can get you two if not three decent laptops.

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