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FCC thumbs up for iPhone

by on18 May 2007

"PCS Licensed Transmitter held to ear"

At last
, the US FCC has approved Apple's iPhone yesterday, and we can expect this overpriced bit of stylish hardware to hit the street in just over a month.

There has been quite a bit of controversy and FUD about the iPhone, and even today we could find comments and articles which bashed Apple for making a "dual band" phone.

The people writing such stuff didn't get the story right, it's a quad band device, but the FCC tests only the frequencies used in the US. They couldn't care less about Euroland and the rest of the world.

You can find the FCC form here, and it clearly states "This device contains 900 / 1800 MHz functions that are not operational in U.S. Territories". There are also some SAR values there, if you're a paranoid hypochondriac. 
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