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Gigabyte shows off next-gen Xeon board

by on03 June 2009


Computex 09: Mainstream board using LGA-1156

One thing you learn over the years that you visit trade shows is to keep your eyes open and check every little corner of the big companies booths, as very often as in this case, they hide little nuggets away in plain sight.

What we're talking about is Gigabyte's GA-6FXSV single socket Xeon motherboard, which in itself isn't all that special, but if you look closely you'll notice that it uses the LGA-1156 socket. This isn't the same LGA-1156 socket that the Core i5 uses though, as there's support for up to 48GB of registered ECC DDR3 memory on this board. However, the CPU is likely to share a lot of its internal workings with the Core i5 range of processors, just as the Core i7 does with the current range of Nehalem based Xeon processors.

The board itself doesn't look all to remarkable apart from the six DIMM slots, but it has a couple of special features. First of all it has a x16, two x8 and one x4 PCI Express slots. Interestingly the board also seems to offer support for integrated graphics and this would be inside the CPU. This would be the first Xeon processor ever to feature integrated graphics, but as servers rarely need high-end graphics capabilities, this makes a lot of sense.

Finally the board has an onboard remote managed chip from ServerEngines which allows you to take control remotely of the system and even re-boot it if something has gone wrong.

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