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Intel Gulftown 32nm 6-core should work with X58 boards

by on06 March 2009


At least some of them

We can
now confirm that the X58 platform is here to stay. Intel plans to release a new six-core 32nm CPU next year, and the good news is that this chip will continue to support its X58 chipset.

The socket should be the same, LGA 1366, and a 32nm six-core should make for a good high end CPU. The question that Intel cannot officially confirm is if the Gulftown 32nm CPU will work in all existing X58 boards.

The problem is that Intel still doesn’t have the final silicon and that it needs to do a validation with the existing X58 infrastructure. If the motherboard manufacturers used Intel’s design guidelines, they should be fine. But there is no assurance that your X58 motherboard purchased in 2008 or 2009 will work with Gulftown.

That is the bad part, while the good part is that you probably won’t need to change your motherboard and memory. We are sure that with Gulftown 32nm six-core, there will also be newer and better versions of X58 motherboards. Intel obviously has economic recession in mind even, with its high end stuff.

The bottom line is that Gulftown 32nm might work in some X58 boards.

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