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Intel is ok with Ion platform

by on10 January 2009


Nvidia can do whatever it wants, claim

Intel's high profile executive have told Fudzilla that Nvidia can do whatever it wants with its Ion platform. Intel is sort of ok with it and despite these bold comments, we still believe that Ion won’t be an easy thing to pull of.

Some people believe that OEMs and ODMs might have the chance to drive Ion, Nvidia’s Atom chipset based platform a bit easier, simply because of the economy downturn, but we are not confident that this will affect Intel’s judgment.

Nvidia has to convince mayor players to make a notebook based on Atom and its 9400 based chipset, and we believe that Apple might be the only company with balls big enough to pull something like this off.

We will also keep our eyes on many Taiwanese companies who never stop to amaze us, as according to Intel, 12 and especially 13.3-inch netbooks should not be possible, but Asus and MSI beg to differ.


Last modified on 10 January 2009
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