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Biostar's TF8200 A2+ with four displays

by on09 March 2008


Cebit 08: Magical MDV card


We talked
about Biostar's TF8200+ A2+ motherboard on a couple occasions during CeBIT, and we have a picture of it attached to four HDMI displays at once. This wouldn't be strange unless you know that two of these HDMI connections are done via the onboard graphics, or to be more precise, over Biostar's so-called Multi-Digital-View card.

The mentioned motherboard has a single PCI-Express x16 slot, which in this case has a Biostar 8800GT card. Biostar has showcased this motherboard as a solution that can do four HDMI displays at the same time, as you can see from the picture below. 

As we wrote before, we're sure that someone will find this useful, but we'd like to see a detailed explanation from Biostar of how this innovation works on its Website instead of making us search the CeBIT show ground for it; although we drew a blank when it came to the exact details of how the MDV card really works.



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