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Nvidia 7x0a chipsets all support Hybrid SLI

by on14 January 2008


Scheduled for Q1

Nvidia has a number of 7x0a, AMD chipsets in the pipeline. They will all have support for the new HybridSLI marchitecture that Nvidia endorses.

There will be the SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) where the highest number means the highest end chipset. Nforce 780a is the high-end AMD / Phenom chipset, and this one supports Tri SLI. Nforce 750a supports SLI, and it is a mid-range product, while 730 is an entry level and it doesn’t support any kind of SLI.

All these boards are ATX and 780a, and 750a supports both Hybrid power and Hybrid SLI, while Nforce 730a only supports the Hybrid Power feature.

The last on Nvidia's list is the Geforce 8200 microATX board that supports both HybridPower and HybridSLI. They are all scheduled for Q1.

Last modified on 15 January 2008
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