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EVGA releases plethora of X58 SLI BIOS updates

by on01 December 2009


For all X58 SLI series motherboards

Our friends
over in the BIOS engineering department at EVGA have been particularly busy over the past months, testing various new beta builds against the forces of stability while implementing new feature sets for continuing enthusiast satisfaction.

A few hours ago, Jacob Freeman, Product Manager at EVGA uploaded six fresh new stable BIOS releases for the company’s eight Intel X58 SLI series motherboards. In particular, the part numbers of the boards include the X58 4-way SLI Classified E762, the X58 SLI Classified NF200 Limited Edition E759, the X58 SLI Classified E760 and E761, the X58 SLI Classified Hydro Copper E769, the original X58 SLI E758, the X58 SLI LE E757, and finally the X58 SLI Micro E756.

The new BIOS builds all include the same new feature set, although stability improvements among models may vary and these differences are expected to be discussed in great length on the EVGA Forums over the next few weeks. Most notably, the new BIOS builds include a High Precision Event Timer (HPET), a hardware timer used to supplement and replace the periodic interrupt function of the aging Real-Time Clock (RTC). In comparison to the RTC and Programmable Interval Timer (PIT), the High Precision Event Timer can produce periodic interrupts to the CPU at much higher resolutions than the RTC is capable of. Unfortunately, the feature is only compatible with newer operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the x86 versions of Mac OS X.

In addition, the BIOS engineering team has added a “Reserve RC for Bridge” feature that enables resources for five VGA’s and has also implemented a way to disable a PS/2 keyboard in Device Manager if no PS/2 keyboard is present.

EVGA’s X58 SLI series motherboard BIOS updates can be downloaded here.

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