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2011 Cedarview 32nm Atom uses Tigerpoint NM10

by on23 November 2009


Same Southbridge

Intel has decided to stick with the Tigerpoint NM10 Southbridge once it launches its new upcoming Cedarview 32nm Atom platform in 2011. The Tigerpoint NM10 Southbrige is launching in early 2010, most likely around January, as soon as partneringmanufacturers announce systems based on dual-core D510 or single-core D410 Atom processors.

The NM10 Southbridge appears to have a re-engineered ICH7 chipset and doesn’t feature anything exciting, but it can support a DMI interconnection and offers support for two SATA drives, 8 USB 2.0 outputs and 4x PCIe slots. An HD audio codec should also be a part of it, but we are not sure of RJ-45 LAN support in this new Southbrige.

The new Cedarview 32nm Atom in 2011 will rely on this venerable southbridge that should last until 2013 at the least when the new and refreshed Atom core is expected to release.

Last modified on 23 November 2009
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