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Nvidia bashes Intel over USB 3.0 delay

by on02 November 2009


No reason to innovate

has been involved in a chipset licensing dispute with Intel for quite a while now, and every now and then Nvidia spinners tend to remind us of this fact.

In a statement for TG Daily, Nvidia spokesman Brian Burke told the world plus dog that Nvidia chipsets were always full of innovative features and that they were better than Intel's own cream of the crop. Burke cites the increasingly popular Nvidia ION chipset for nettops and netbooks as an example of Nvidia's superiority.

Commenting reports that Intel will postpone the introduction of USB 3.0 on its chipsets until 2011, Burke said: "With no competition in chipsets, it seems Intel has decided that innovation is not needed for USB any time soon. With no one to push Intel to innovate, PC enthusiasts are left with Intel chipsets and the features and performance they deliver, or lack there of."

While the lack of competition is a bad thing in any market segment, at least if you don't ask anyone at Microsoft or Apple, there is really not much anyone can do to speed up USB 3.0 adoption unless Intel changes its mind.

Even if Nvidia was still developing Intel chipsets, we're still not sure it could do much to facilitate more interest for the new standard on its own. What's more, it is still unclear when AMD will adopt USB 3.0 on its platforms, so we'll probably have to wait quite a bit to see USB 3.0 devices on every desk.
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