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Nvidia doesn?t plan new AMD chipsets

by on07 October 2009


No point

It is not only that Nvidia canceled its DMI chipset projects and won’t have its Lynnfield, Nehalem refresh chipset, it doesn’t want even to make a new AMD chipset.

Mr. Drew Henry has explained us that since AMD's CPU business is doing so badly and since its market shrunk so much, it is simply not economically viable for Nvidia to continue developing chipsets for AMD. They simply cannot make enough money.

Nvidia will continue making ION chipsets and Ion 2 is well under development as there is a lot of financial sense for Nvidia as they can make good buck on this chipset. The only obstacle is Intel who doesn’t want this chipset around, but Nvidia has decided to fight Intel on this one, and has HP and Lenovo supporting ION in its netbooks.

As for AMD, 2010 will be a tough year for selling their own CPUs.

Last modified on 07 October 2009
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