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AMD 890GX chipset runs at 700MHz

by on10 September 2009


Leo platform part


AMD's 890GX chipset is as you know a part of LEO platform, which is scheduled to arrive in 2010, and we've learned a few interesting details concerning it.

This is an IGP chipset with HT3 support and its pretty fast, 700MHz graphics core features DirectX 10.1 support. It also comes with support for 2x8 graphics in crossfire mode as well as UVD 2.0.

You should see this IGP as a scaled down version of Radeon HD 4350 graphics core, this time of course within the chipset. The 890GX should show up in May / June timeframe and it will have a 22W TDP, which is not quite a little but is at least the same as the existing AMD 790GX DirectX 10 chipset.

The AMD 890GX will interconnect with SB850 chipsets.

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