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Intel P55 motherboards might end up cheap

by on31 July 2009


Prices could start under €100

we saw some prices for Intel's P55 boards, and we can report that they were pleasantly low.

Intel will offer around ten P55 motherboard models, and two of the low end models could easily end up costing under €100 at launch. We still don't have the exact specs, so we won't speculate much, but in any case even a stripped down P55 board for under €100 sounds like a very tempting deal, and for €110 to €130 you should be able to get a nice mid range board.

One of the major stumbling blocks for wider penetration of Intel's Core i7 was the price of the motherboards, which sold at well over €200 at launch, and even today most are priced around the €150 mark today. With LGA1156 you're looking at much more reasonable prices, both for the motherboards and CPUs, as you'll be able to get a Core i5 750 at 2.66GHz for under €200.

The only P55 board currently listed on our price search engine is MSI's P55-GD80, and the lowest list price is €190, although we're talking about a high end board.
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