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ECS to showcase P55 board

by on25 May 2009


Lynnfield support

ECS is one of the first motherboard manufacturers to openly talk about its upcoming P55 based Black series motherboard. It plans to reveal it at Computex that takes place next week, June 2 until 6th in Taipei, Taiwan.

The board is branded as P55H-A and it is designed to accommodate the needs of Lynnfield Quad core Nehalem architecture based CPUs. Lynnfield is a quad core Nehalem generation 45nm CPU with dual channel DDR3 memory controller and eight thread support, turbo overclocking feature and much more reasonable price compared to Core i7.

The ECS P55H-A board is powered with P55 chipset,and is a single chip solution that should be more power efficient than previous Northbridge, Southbridge motherboards. P55 as the logic implies is there to replace, at least partically P45 motheboards and Core 2 Quad platforms, and move P45 boards and platforms to a lower price category.

It also comes with dual PCIe 2.0 16X mechanical ports with Auto-Gear design that can automatically provide single 16X or dual 8X speeds. It also comes with Matrix storage technology from Intel, 14 USB 2.0 ports, 6x SATA 3Gb/s.

The reach panel features ECS exclusive M.I.B II Overclocking utility, all solid capacitor design and innovative 4E design, whatever that would mean.

The boards will debut at Computex.


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