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AMD plans Dorado IGP platform

by on30 April 2009


2010 stuff

AMD currently plans the Pisces platform that should hold water through 2009, and this is a platform synergy for IGP chipsets with a bunch of CPUs. It consists of AMD 785G, or 760G+SB710 IGP chipsets and supports Sargas, single-core 45nm CPUs, Callisto dual-core harvested Phenom II quad to two cores and the Regor dual-core.

Rana triple-core and Propus quad-core without L3 cache, all 45nm. Most of these CPUs will only launch in Q3 2009.  

The Pisces platform prefer socket AM3 and DDR3 memory and the IGP behind chipsets supports DirectX 10.1 and UVD 2.0, at least for 785G.

Dorado, the 2010 platform, on the other hand should launch deeper in 2010 and it will continue to support socket AM3 and DDR3, together with HT 3.0 but it will be mainly based on RS880 + SB810 chipset. This chipset will support DirectX 10.1 IGP core which means that graphics core will get a nice boost.

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