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Intel is now after Nvidia's MCP79

by on06 April 2009


But admits Nvidia is better for games

Intel has one new presentation where it tries to bash Nvidia chipsets and this time they are after MCP79. Intel’s biggest argument is that the battery life is much better on GM45 Intel chipset based notebook then on Nvidia’s MCP79. There is a big chance that Nvidia's MCP79 does eat more battery than Intel's GM45.

Intel also claims it can score 120 on Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) test, out of a possible 130, while MPC79MVL scores some 90+ points and we wonder if Intel is completely honest about this one. We really doubt that Intel’s GM45 is that good with DVD video playback as Intel was always last in these tests where ATI and Nvidia were winning.

Intel at least admits that in 3Dmark 06 and 3Dmark vantage that “Some Nvidia MCP79M SKUs offer 2-3x times better gaming performance as measured by 3Dmark, however volume MCP79MVL SKU is slightly below GM45 in DirectX 9 gaming.” Intel fails to mention that in 3Dmark Vantage the same Nvidia’s SKU scores almost 50 percent better.

It definitely sounds that Intel is concerned and someone finally realized that Intel chipsets are inferior to Nvidia’s and ATI as people nowadays want to play some games on their laptop and for Intel this is something that company doesn’t offer today, in mid 2009.

You can check the whole presentation here.

Last modified on 06 April 2009
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