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AMD Pisces to arrive before September

by on01 April 2009


Motherboards in time for Computex

Digitimes reports that AMD told its Taiwan motherboard partners that the company plans to release its Pisces platform before September. Pisces platform is AMD’s upcoming entry-level (read cheap) desktop platform based on Propus, Rana and Regor based Athlon II processors and the 55nm 780G+ IGP chipset.

Industry sources claim that the 780G+ chipset is to go through design validation in April and that we’ll be seeing motherboards based on it on this year’s Computex. AMD of course, declined to comment on yet unannounced products.

Although such announcements should mean little to high-octane enthusiasts, developments like this might see AMD gaining ground, as low and mid range products traditionally rake in the most serious dough, and AMD sure could use some what with the Intel lawsuit and all.

Last modified on 01 April 2009
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