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First RD890 motherboard pictures leaked

by on30 March 2009


Looks like any other reference board

It's hard getting excited about pictures of a reference board, despite the fact that it's based on the upcoming RD890 chipset from AMD. What makes things even worse is that the pictures that Dutch site has scored, are from very strange angles.

As expected the RD890 chipset is for AMD's AM3 socket, although it seems like the RD890 chipset runs hotter than previous generations of chipsets from AMD, as not only is it cooled by a fairly sizeable heatsink, but it also has a small fan to further aid the cooling. It's not possible to see the SB850 properly on the pictures, so we're not sure what kind of cooling the new southbridge requires, but again it seems to have a rather large heatsink (hidden behind the watermark on the last picture).

The board appears to have four x16 PCI Express slots, although we have a feeling that it operates in either dual x16 or four x8 modes. There's also a single open-ended PCI Express x4 slot and a PCI slot on the board. AMD has stuck with its tried and tested four memory slots and we didn't really expect to see anything more or less.

For now, this is a first glimpse into what to expect from AMD, but it doesn't look like too much have changed. At least the RD890 should feature a better integrated graphics core for those interested in running Hybrid CrossFire on their board.

You can find the pictures here
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