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Intel's cheap P55 board is DP55WB

by on13 March 2009


Whitesburg reference

P55 is the chipset that will support Lynnfield CPUs and it will debut in Q3 2009. The new quad-core will be Nehalem based, with dual channel memory controller and DDR3 only memory support.

Naturally Intel will have its own motherboards, while partners will be free to come up with their own ideas. The cheap motherboard will sit next to DG41MJ motherboard in the Classic market segment for Core 2 Duo and Quad. Classic market for Intel is one step better than Essential, the Atom and Celeron cheap boards.

This reference design board comes in micro-ITX format but we don´t know any other details than the fact that it supports Lynnfield socket H1 support. The socket H1 has 1156 pins as we reported before.

Intel also plans three more, more expensive P55 boards that should debut in Q3 2009, for higher market segments.

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