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Intel's GN40 Atom chipset can do 1080p

by on25 February 2009


Intel swears

Intel representative is insisting that the company's new GN40 chipset will be able to play 1080p HD content. Many sources we talked to can confirm that this new old chipset can play 720p and many, like us, are doubting it's capable of full 1080p support.

Intel GN40 product managers have apparently told Intel spokespeople that the GN40 can indeed play 1080p HD. Intel has some details about US15W chipset that is used in many recent netbooks, and some bigger designs such as MSI's 13.3-inch X320, Mac Air clone. The link is here.

Intel does mention that this chipset can do H.264 which is a codec behind HD. Here is a quote. “Full hardware acceleration of H.264, MPEG2, VC1, and WMV9 is supported, eliminating the need for software CODEC and off-loading the processor.
” Intel does not specify which HD standard is supported, the basic 720p, or the more advanced 1080i and 1080p.

We will trust Intel’s product managers, and you can be sure that we will try out 1080p on GN40 the first chance we get.

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